Dare To Learn Curriculum

These underpin our Key Learning behaviours

At Purbrook Infant School, our Knowledge Led Curriculum is designed to develop the following key qualities in our children:

These underpin our Key Learning Behaviours

DILIGENT – I always work hard

ASPIRATIONAL – I want to be the best that I can be

RESILIENT – I stay positive when things get tricky

ENTHUSIASTIC – I am interested in all that I learn and do

Curriculum 1

Purbrook Infant School Curriculum

At Purbrook Infant School we follow a Knowledge Led Curriculum, underpinned by Metacognition and Self – Regulated Learning strategies, developed carefully and sometimes subtly through High Quality First Teaching. Our curriculum enables our children to demonstrate four main qualities in lessons.

Synthetic Systematic Phonics at Purbrook

At our school, we do things a little differently when it comes to reading. We’ve got our very own way of learning sounds and words, called Honeycomb Phonics. Imagine each piece of a honeycomb is a different sound – that’s kind of how our programme works. All the sounds fit together to help our children start reading and writing in a way that’s fun and makes sense to them. Our reading books are handpicked to go hand in hand with Honeycomb Phonics, and they’re color-coded with book bands, so it’s easy to pick a book that’s just right for where each child is at.

Curriculum 1

Remote Learning

Purbrook Infant School Provision for Remote Education

A few definitions to clarify terminology:

  • OFSTED definition of Remote Education: a broad term encompassing any learning that happens outside of the classroom, with the teacher not present in the same location as the pupils.  At Purbrook Infant School we use the phrase ‘remote learning’.
  • OFSTED definition of digital remote education/online learning: remote learning delivered through digital technologies.
  • Digital platform: for Purbrook Infant School this is Microsoft Teams and Seesaw.  The vast majority of our remote learning will be communicated through these platforms.  Families will use a digital device that can access Microsoft Teams through the email address we will supply for each child.

Our Remote Education

As an infant school in England, we had to provide remote education (remote learning) for any child that was required to self-isolate.  The Government required us to provide this through a digital platform.  At Purbrook Infant School, this is Microsoft Teams and Seesaw.  Our Year Leaders were appointed to lead the implementation and ongoing developments of our remote education.

DFE Remote working document for lockdown